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100 Plants that Heal: The Illustrated Herbarium of Medicinal Plants


Authors: François Couplan, Gérard Debuigne, Pierre And Délia Vignes

Publisher: David & Charles 

ISBN: 1446308774

Discover 100 medicinal plants and how to use them for self-care with this sumptuously illustrated guide. Thanks to photographs showing detailed views of the plant, you’ll quickly learn to recognise them. Discover their history, therapeutic properties, and learn how to prepare safe herbal remedies including infusions, tinctures, oils and lotions.

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Unleash the power of nature’s pharmacy for healing and self-care.

Immerse yourself in a world of wonder as you explore 100 Plants That Heal, which will leave you wanting to unlock the secrets of nature’s medicine cabinet.
Discover the common medicinal plants, their fascinating history, and therapeutic properties, while learning techniques to prepare safe herbal remedies such as infusions, tinctures, oils, and lotions.
In this remarkable guide, you’ll:
Quickly recognize plants during your foraging adventures through exceptional photographic plates.Dive into each species, with a wealth of information on its dedicated page.Embrace a wide range of common plants, from almond to yarrow, understanding their healing potential.Find practical tips for environmentally responsible plant picking.
Authored by a respected ethnobotanist and doctor of phytotherapy, this book will nourish your knowledge of natural science, making it your essential companion to herbal medicines and natural beauty products.


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