• Native American Medicinal Plants

Native American Medicinal Plants: An Ethnobotanical Dictionary


Author: Daniel E. Moerman

Publisher: Timber Press

ISBN: 0881929875

Easily the most extensive and authoritative source of ethnobotanical information on native medicinal plant usage, this volume goes far beyond any other reference source on native medicinal plants.

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In Native American Medicinal Plants, anthropologist Daniel E. Moerman describes the medicinal use of more than 2700 plants by 218 Native American tribes. Information–adapted from the same research used to create the monumental Native American Ethnobotany–includes 82 categories of medicinal uses, ranging from analgesics, contraceptives, gastrointestinal aids, hypotensive medicines, sedatives, and toothache remedies.

Native American Medicinal Plants includes extensive indexes arranged by tribe, usage, and common name, making it easy to access the wealth of information in the detailed catalog of plants. It is an essential reference for students and professionals in the fields of anthropology, botany, and naturopathy and an engaging read for anyone interested in ethnobotany and natural healing.


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